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Kyle L. Pace co-founder of Homes of the South comes from a long real estate background. Growing up she learned quite a bit from her father who owned one of the largest real estate firms in eastern North Carolina. She has worked in new home sales and specializes in 1031 tax-free exchanges and location of rental and investment properties. She is also a licensed auctioneer (NCAL#7301) and has conducted several real estate auctions. Her auction company is called Kyle L. Pace Auctions (NCAL#7300) She enjoys scuba diving, interior decorating, and acting. She is a native of Rocky Mount NC and grew up in Wilmington, NC. She graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a degree in business. She has been very successful with her thinking out of the box and helping people buy and sell homes. She can be reached at 704-451-4646 or by email at

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